Andrea is an interdisciplinary community scientist.

Her efforts have revolved around a desire to better understand the link between marine mammal, ocean and human health, and has led to a uniquely interdisciplinary skill set in scientific research, education and outreach. Much of her work has been directed towards understanding ocean health, and has largely focused on pathogen transmission in marine animals and the marine environment within the framework of “One Health.” This concept, that animal, human and environmental health are inextricably linked, is the central theme of her research.  

While she continues to investigate how marine animals act as sentinels to ocean and human health, this understanding has expanded beyond how health is impacted beyond pathogens. This includes the direct and indirect threats caused by unsustainable utilization of resources in our oceans. Interpreting and communicating the science of these issues to the public, for management, and policy platforms, has become central to the work ahead.  Ultimately, THE underlying question that drives the next steps ahead is: How Do We Coexist?

The projects she has developed with this question in mind address the often overlooked challenges of rebounding marine mammal populations in the context of health, ecosystem function and conflict. Her partnerships include working with fishermen, scientists, public resource managers and citizen scientists. Realizing the needs and challenges, Andrea co-founded and currently chairs the Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium. Most recently she has worked in the field of philanthropy, increasing conversations and directives around ocean based environmental challenges including conservation fatigue, diversity, equity and access in the marine mammal field, and coexistence challenges between fisheries and marine mammals.

The goal of all my endeavors is to be able to provide the knowledge needed to mitigate human impact on marine species, understand risks of these impacts and facilitate effective collaborations that raise awareness of ocean health and the inextricable connection to our health.


Andrea is also an artist and a naturalist. She loves to cook and bring together friends and family. She can’t imagine living far from an ocean- or a good coffee shop and would give a home to every dog that needed one. The most important skill she has learned, is to listen: to each other, to the ocean, to nature and to ourselves.

Seal Surveys at the Shoals Marine Lab
Long Term Photo ID @ Shoals Marine Lab, Isles of Shoals, Maine

Brief Biography

Andrea obtained a B.A. (Studio Art) and B.S. (Wildlife Fisheries and Conservation Biology) from UC DAVIS, an M.A. (Biology) from Boston University and Ph.D (Pathobiology) as well as a Certificate in Public Health from UCONN. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Postdoctoral Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

She is a Switzer Environmental Leadership Fellow, was awarded a Peaked Hill Trust Art and Science Residency and a Better Selves Fellowship through Knoll Farm.

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