I have worked in several capacities to better understand the link between marine mammal and human health with research directed towards understanding and interpreting interdisciplinary aspects of ocean health.  Interpreting and communicating these results and their significance for public outreach, management and policy platforms is of great importance.

Integrating community science to understand marine mammal-fishery and ecosystem interactions has risen to the top of my priority list.

Recent Selected Publications by Research Focus Area

Community Science and Coexistence

Marine Mammal and Ecosystem Health

Marine Mammal Diet

  • Hernandez, Keith Michael, Andrea L. Bogomolni, J. H. Moxley, G. T. Waring, R. A. DiGiovanni Jr, M. O. Hammill, D. W. Johnston, Lisa Sette, and M. J. Polito. “Seasonal variability and individual consistency in gray seal (Halichoerus grypus) isotopic niches.” Canadian Journal of Zoology 97, no. 11 (2019): 1071-1077.

Marine Disease Diagnostics

  • Frasca, S. Jr., Gast, RJG, Bogomolni, A. and S. Szczpanek. Marine Disease Ecology- Diagnostics. Section 3: Chapter 11. Working with Infectious Diseases. Oxford University Press.
  • Bogomolni, A., Frasca Jr, S., Nielsen, O., De Guise, S. 2015. Development of a One Step Duplex RT-qPCR Assay for the Detection of PDV. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 51(2) 454-465.

Marine Mammal Pathogen Surveillance and Susceptibility 

Fisheries Bycatch and Marine Mammal Physiology/Pathology

Seals and Fisheries Interactions

Marine Mammal Immunotoxicology

Novel Technology & Tools for Marine Mammal Population Biology and Health

  • Maria Clara Iruzun Martins, Lisa Sette, Elizabeth Josephson, Andrea Bogomolni, Kathryn Rose, Sarah M Sharp, Misty Niemeyer, Michael Moore. 2019. Unoccupied Aerial System assessment of entanglement in Northwest Atlantic gray seals (Halichoerus grypus), Marine Mammal Science.

Marine Mammal Necropsy and Mortality Trends

  • Campbell-Malone, R and Bogomolni, A.L. Marine Mammal Forensics: Chapter in Wildlife Forensics, CRC Press, Ed. 2013. Dr J.E. and M. Cooper.  770 pp. 

Caribbean Marine Mammal Populations

  • Bolaños-Jiménez, J., Mignucci-Giannoni, A., Blumenthal, J., Bogomolni, A., Casas, J. J., Henríquez, A., … & Luksenburg12, J. A. (2012). KILLER WHALES (ORCINUS ORCA) IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA AND ADJACENT WATERS OF THE CENTRAL-WESTERN ATLANTIC. The Cetaceans of Aruba: a Multidisciplinary Study, 72.