The narrative of science can often take a passive role. When it does, the importance of the story that it tells can be misconstrued or simply misunderstood. The job of a scientist should also include telling the story as an active participant.

Q&A Talk back for “Boundless” by Alison Weller Cape Rep Theatre Brewster, MA Nov 2017

Recent Outreach, Research and Education

Seals and Society

Traveling Exhibit for 2022!

A traveling exhibit opening Summer 2022 in partnership with the New Bedford Whaling Museum. To learn more about the project and project team, go to:

Sharks, Seals & Microplastics: Research Topics Funded by Woods Hole Sea Grant, 2019-2022

This video was created for: “Understanding the Rewilding of Cape Cod: Creating a curriculum for middle school learners” a grant given to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy by Woods Hole Sea Grant:

Interview with Dr. Andrea Bogomolni for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Learn about the natural history of seals in the Cape Cod region and what scientists are doing to better understand their population, habitat use, and more.

WHOI’s Ocean Science Cafe

Community Science was at the heart of the creation of WHOI’s Ocean Science Cafe. The first Ocean Science Cafe was held in January 2018 and addressed the rising conflict between seals, sharks and humans. Andrea Bogomolni and Owen Nichols (Center for Coastal Studies) brought forth the idea for a Science Cafe and worked with WHOI to develop the first talk for this successful series.

Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium FAQs

The Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium (NASRC) stemmed from a series of workshops to bring together seal researchers and those interested in increasing seal populations in the NW Atlantic. In 2013, NASRC was established as a consortium with the goal of increasing collaborations and discussions in the region. NASRC has been at the forefront of providing fact based information for local government, media and education centers throughout the region. A link to our most recent FAQs focusing on seals of the Northeast can be found here.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy & The Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium

“Healthy Predators for Healthy Oceans”

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and NASRC compiled information on great white sharks and seals and the importance of predators for healthy ecosystems. This Tri-Fold PDF can be downloaded here:


TerreScience Podcast: Dr. Bogomolni on Ocean Fishing Controversies, Seal Conservation and Community Science Methods August 19th 2022

Wildlife Conservation Insights Podcast: Humans, Pinnipeds and Sharks: How Do We Co-exist? With Dr. Estelle Rousselet. June 24th 2021  

Cold, Dark and Sharky. OUTSIDE/IN. Sept 29 2019

Going Full Ninja on Smelly Seals With Andrea Bogomolni. Shark Tales. Boston 10 NBC. October 8 2019.

Does Cape Cod Have A Gray Seal Problem? We Dig Into The Science. WBUR Boston. Aug 20, 2019

Mixed Media

Scientists Address Myths, Misinformation About Seals. Cape Cod Chronicle. Tim Wood Oct 31 2018

Down to Earth: Seals, sharks and sustainability. Anne Mazar. MetroWest Daily News, Aug 02, 2013 

The U.S. East Coast from Above. VIDICOM, Germany. Featured segment: 1 of 5. Filmed September 2013.

Marine Mammals Meet Modern Medicine. Video Ari Daniel Shapiro, Oceanus Online. August 23, 2013.

Sharks and Seals. Interview on WCAI, Public Radio Station, Woods Hole, MA. July 2013

Pathobiology Student Making Waves. Sheila Foran. UCONN Today. October 11, 2011.  Foran

How Kitty is Killing the Dolphins.  Written by C. Solomon. Scientific American, May 2013.

Sea Sick. Written by B. Kessler. Conservation Magazine September 2010. August 26th 2010. Volume 11, Number 3.

Disease Agents Are Accumulating In Sea Life. Written by K. Thoms. Oceanus. Oct 2009, Vol. 47 Issue 2, p 30.

Scientists Investigate Mysterious Duck Die-offs. Written by K. Madin. Oceanus; Oct 2009, Vol. 47 Issue 2, p 34.

In the News

Since 2005, the conflicts between seals and humans on Cape Cod have become more tense. In response to growing misinformation in the media about seals, communication has been central to correct myths and misinformation and redirect the narrative through radio, print and social media as well as through lecture series and invited outreach events.

The Cape Cod National Seashore held a panel discussion with seal and shark experts and representatives of the CCNS. The discussion was held at Nauset Middle School in Orleans, MA.

Public Outreach

Seals and Society

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

January 26th 2022

Pinniped Lecture Series, New Bedford Whaling Museum: OUR COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP WITH SEALS IN THE NW ATLANTIC

Tuesday, December 7 2021

View the Lecture here!

Seal Facts for Cape Cod Town Governments

Piscataqua Science Cafe, Portsmouth NH

Seals on the Shoals January 2019

Center For Coastal Studies Lecture Series @ Napi’s, Provincetown

November 28 2018

Mythbusting: Sharks and Seals

Dr. Greg Skomal and Dr. Andrea Bogomolni. Plymouth MA 2018